I’m elizabeth pérez and for a long time, most folks never knew that was my name. I’d say that for at least a good decade my chosen name was bruja and that was fitting as I was becoming who I am today: a creator/creative, a mother, a speaker, a builder and collaborator, a writer. I have no choice but to be a shapeshifter, and is that not what a witch is?

It is likely that you may know me for my work as a doula and childbirth educator. I’ve recently graduated with' my master’s from NYU’s ITP program where I’ve gotten to step away from professionally caretaking and dedicate time to my curiosities and art-making. Turns out programming and design thinking are now some of my favorite pastimes.

What is this tres golpes thing?

My hope is that when you see a new tres golpes newsletter in your inbox you embrace and digest every bit of it as soon as you see it. The name of this blog came to me after thinking to myself, how do I want my audience to feel after they read some of my work? The tres golpes dish is a traditional Dominican breakfast. So hearty, it’s sole purpose is to fuel you up for literally the entire day and possibly induce postprandial somnolence. Okay, that might sound extreme, but you know how you feel after you eat a good meal? This should be something like that…

I can’t promise consistency but I will deliver straight to your inbox trinkets of curiosity, laughter, reflection, and love whenever they show up for me. #LessConsuming #MoreInspiration is my mantra for 2021. I’m primarily interested in curating a space where you will find thoughtful commentary on navigating a Black diasporic identity, the things that make motherhood worthwhile, and the beautiful bits I find on the internet. Some of this will be at the intersection of beauty and wellbeing and other parts will include my thoughts around tech, design and anything else I think is worth talking or thinking about.

How can you support me?

So long are the Xanga and LiveJournal days. I also somehow can’t keep up a WordPress blog nor remember my Tumblr password. So while this is a newsletter, it’s my attempt at creating some sense of community in these innanet streetz. I’m not gonna front, however, I will appreciate your paid support. I’m loving how we are able to directly support people we care about and not have to wonder where our money goes. Becoming a paid subscriber to this newsletter allows me to breathe a little easier because this motherartist freelancer life is less than glamorous some days. With your support, I can quiet the noise that seems to follow me and redirect attention to creative work, mothering my son, and doing both sometimes simultaneously.

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